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Multicare Cuion Mask & Cuion Resonance Hand Sanitiser Bundle Set


Cuion Mask x 10
Cuion resonance Antibacterial Mask is a high quality reusable mask,powered by Cuion
antimicrobial coating technology.

Cuion Resonance Hand Sanitiser x 2
This handy design hand sanitiser is to make it easy for everyone to bring it everywhere,

Limited 1000 bundle promotion – worth RM439.80

Cuion Mask

• Water Repellency 3 layer system mask
• Washable up to 100x. Wash only when it has dust and stains!
• It provides quantum resonance and the outer layer has a resonance frequency to sterilise &
deodorising 24 /7 !
• Provide a high eective rate which Kills 99.99% germs & bacterias in approximately 1
• Latest Function INFRARED – Emits negative ions to neutralize & eliminate pathogens in the
Suitable for everyone in daily lives!

Cuion Resonance Hand Sanitiser

• Alcohol Free
• Kills 99.99% Covid Germs
• Good for 200 Sprays
• Rellable
*Can be used for Cuion Mask cleansing


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