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Hera Essence Gel (10pcs)


100% natural care product. Formulated with an innovative technology – balancing the microecology and pH, combining core ingredients by France AXIALY balanced nutrients, it provides probiotics a comprehensive nutrient foundation. Moreover, It inhibits microbial growth, strengthens the immune system, and prevents all sorts of inflammation involving women. With our breathable biomembrane, LIPIDUREI,  which developed using advanced technology, it shields women against harmful external influences, allowing the genitals to regain its self cleaning system.

International quality follows  the CPMP/283/95 Europe Pharmaceutical Standards. Specialised mild acid formula: colourless and odourless, no chemical additives, irritation-free, no stimulants , non-dependent and no side effects

Care for life with probiotic, love as you like
Balance | cleanse | moisturise | antibacterial

Clean and moisturise in 3 days | 7days fresh and itch-free | 28 days firm and elastic

Floraskinl, Camellia Sinensis, Camellia Sinensis Polyphenols, Lactic Acid, Hydroxypropyl Chitosan, Beta-Glucan, Bletilla Striata Root Extract, Aloe Barbadenss Extract, Glyceryl Acrylate/ Acrylicacid Copolymer, Silver, Biosaccharide Gum-1, Maltooligosyl Glucoside

a) Cleanse and detox: improves body’s immune system, restores self-cleaning function, refreshed and cleansed.
b) Restores and maintains genitals’ microbial and pH balance to prevent inflammation.
c) Moisture care: provides comfort and care, enhances skin hydration
d) Repairs mucous membrane: keeps the genitals plump and firm.

2. Relieves symptoms: itch-free, clears discharge and removes odour.

3. Completely freed from factors that cause dry and painful genitals.

4. Prevents recurrent inflammation.
Suitable for adult females (except for virgins and females during menstrual period genitals’). Designated to increase probiotics and allow every woman in any period or under any physiologic situations to obtain the best care.

1. Take out the product.

2. Remove the protection cover.

3. Open the sealing cap and insert the protection cover into the gel tube.

4. Push the designated gel tube into the vagina and press the protect cover. The gel will dispense automatically .

5. Use before sleep for full absorption.


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